Month: May 2012

My Geek Reflex

Warning: The post you are about to read may contain high level traces of fanboy-ness, comic reading, self indulgence, and interstellar space travel. Read at your own risk

So I’m thinking its the Avengers/ Big Bang Theory Marathon cocktail thats really been kicking in, but i’m really heading back to my comic book roots. I’ve been reading comics since i was a kid, and now I’m seriously considering picking up drawing again, and maybe one day ill be able to publish a comic/ graphic novel of my own. it used to be a clouded dream, but now in mass comm, it might actually materialize cause, I’m pretty much devoting my weeks to visuals and framing. I’m currently learning digital photography, Location video production, as well as web communication. So most of them pretty much involve visual elements and images (be it moving or still). and yea, i’ve taken quite an interest in them. I think writing is a flair for me, but not too much, so yea, i think comics/graphic novels are the middle ground!

So I’m starting to pick up those dumb-bells again, and its time to exercise my Geek Reflex.

So recently, I’ve borrowed two graphic novels from the library.

One is Alan Moore’s dystopian classic, V for Vendetta. Which i shan’t elaborate much since its pretty popular… and i haven’t gotten started on it yet.

And the other is this amazing novel entitled Asterios Polyp.


So anyway, there are many many many great things about Asterios Polyp that i would love to talk about, but i shall only name a few because

1. The post would be too long and at this moment you already have an urge to tell the owner of this blog to go do sports and stop being pastey.

2. I’m really really inadequate in explaining how great a novel Asterios Polyp is! it really incoporates some concepts that i don’t really understand myself, but ill try my best!

So here are my reasons why Asterios Polyp is a great graphic novel.

1. It is a graphic novel.

I love reading graphic novels, because they are comics that really push the boundaries of sequential storytelling. and thats mainly because of their strong story lines. Graphic novels in the proper definition are just  comic books released as a compilation, sometimes creating a complete stories. But in my personal definition, Graphic novels have depth. And comics in general do have depth, which is contrary to popular belief.

But anyway, i really love graphic novels because they have really strong story lines, and they are very literary in nature. And Asterios Polyp is one such example. It tackles lots and lots of themes such as the coming of age, marriage and divorce, life and death, religion, and people, all within a really interesting story revolving around a retired washed out professor who is trying to find his bearings in life.

2. The graphic art.

The book is such a masterpiece because of its fantastic art! David Mazzucchelli really milked the potential of visuals in his novel by making each character and chapter unique. Each character is drawn differently. Asterios Polyp, the protagonist, is a two dimensional, expressionless architect. that that is how he is drawn. He is juxtaposed between other characters that are drawn to their characteristics and quirks ( Hana, his japanese wife, is drawn slightly more anime, and she is usually drawn more filled in while he remains hollow and abstract). also, each character has their own font when they speak, which really enhances and distinguishes each characters’ differences. these are just some of the examples of how the graphics are cleverly used. Others include, the book only uses 4 colors throughout the book. CMYK, and its just has this really minimalistic touch even though it is really detailed.

so technically, those are my two main points for the novel. i shan’t elaborate lest i reveal my ignorance on the topic further. But i’ll most definitely read it again, just to see what I’ve missed out. and hopefully when I’m more skilled on the topic of comics one fine day, ill be able to give a full blown analysis. Ive always wanted to do a literature analysis on such books…. hmmm

So apart from reading comics, another major step for geek-kind that i took is to start watching classic sci fi movies. i just finished watching starship troopers which i throughly enjoyed!!! and I’m going to watch alien next. then ill tackle the bigger guns like star trek one day. I’m not really experienced with the world of sic fi either… but from what I’ve read/ watched, sci-fi really explores politics using the petri dish of fiction. because scifi usually explores different worlds or galaxies, they seem to tackle things from a omnipotent perspective, and this usually means that political climate has to be invented and introduced into the story, which is really really cool in my opinion. Starship troopers explored the ideals of facism, and seemed really satirical with its cheesy propaganda vids and stuff. really enjoyed it. it was really entertaining, though it was seriously gory at times… but it was pretty light hearted overall, so i really thought it was great

So yea, I’m really going to explore the realms of comics, as well as sic fi really in-depth. hopefully ill enjoy the ride!

Im sorry if the post was too long or uninteresting. its primary role is to serve as a platform for expression. till next time then!!

My Weekend Avengers (Pun intended)

Shall recount Friday, Saturday and Today!

Friday: Woke up early to go for a photo expedition with my friends Firdaus and Cheryl. We have a photo assignment due approximately 2 weeks from now, and thus decided to meet on a Friday morning to grab some pictures at Bishan Park. It was Elearning week, so we didn’t have lessons and stuff. so yea! So we headed down to the park with our cameras and the tripods (which were quite a burden tbh) and fired away!

Bishan Park seriously got a makeover. Its like the Korean film star of local parks or something! as in cause it really looks v different and good from its original look.     Just realized i made a secondary racist remark… korean…parks…

Moving on!

So yea, we gots lots of shots. i got to try out the camera i borrowed from my church friend Jared, which turned out to be trickier then i thought, but i got the hang of it for a while, and i got some pretty cool shots! After lunch, we headed down to Dhouby ghaut for more pics before dispersing for home. but the day is still young people!

Friday Evening: ITS AVENGERS TIME!

Decided to ask my old time friend Ryan out to watch Avengers. We were major marvel buffs in primary school, and we drew comics and were sorta rivals when it came to drawing and stuff. i always saw myself as Ash though, and he as Gary… cause Ash was the main character. so yea over bloated ego aside, we really had fun together as kids. and we caught some pretty good movies (X-men 3) and pretty horrible movies that he insisted would be good… but weren’t good (Eragon). I also remembered dropping nacho cheese on his pants during the xmen movie.. but thats a story for another day

Anyway, he was already planning to go catch it with his schoolmates… but he invited me anyway 🙂 so i went to catch it and got to know his friends who were really friendly 🙂

So anyway AVENGERS!!

At first, i was sorta dreading the arrival of the avengers because they looked cool in comics… but i could not fathom them looking as cool on the movie screen. But i saw the trailer and I was wrong! And when i saw the movie, i traveled back in time to punch my idiot past self who thought avengers wouldn’t be cool if it was given the hollywood treatment. Past me is nose bleeding but it doesn’t matter. Avengers was a great great movie!

The storyline was well crafted, and the actors were really good. its classic Avengers with overzealous heroes trying to outdo one another, before realizing the world is more important than their petty shenanigans, and they throttle off to save the world in style. And they did. I thought the actor for Loki was really good. Loki was pretty badass… other than the helmet, which didn’t look too cool in the comics either.. but he sorta pulled it off. And the fight sequences and bantering were really entertaining. never once was i bored throughout the film!

In a nutshell, i didn’t have any qualms with any part of the movie. Except for one minute detail… Robin Scherbatsky. Robin from How I Met Your Mother was in the film! She’s like Nick Fury’s right hand woman. Though she wasn’t a major character in the film… it was sorta distracting to see her acting a different character outside of HIMYM. But i guess its sorta not her fault… its like a sitcom syndrome. If they ever put Joey from Friends in an action movie, i wouldn’t be able to take him seriously either… or any sitcom character for that matter. But yea, hopefully robin will be able to shake that off, and break into a bigger scene. and hopefully by then ill stop calling her robin and start bothering getting to know her real name. hahaha.

So catch Avengers please. You won’t regret it!

Saturday: My family decided to celebrate Mother’s Day early, and so my mom and aunt brought my grandparents for a fancy lunch at Illuma. My sis and I were invited too. Mother’s Day was a rather loose term i guess… but its alright, i got a great lunch!

Then my sis and I decided to go shoe shopping cause my shoes are seriously wearing off. However, after walking around far east, i decided not too. Shoes are seriously expensive nowadays. Save our soles man.


Sunday: Attended church in the morning. Hernshung gave us an insightful lesson on the Holy Spirit and how we are empowered with gifts to bless others. And he challenged us to bless and love people in our schools. Free hugs tmrw guys!

After church, we headed down for a lunch, then my sis and I headed down to join Fir, Mehriam, Josiah and Cheryl for some shopping. There was this Topshop sale  that they were talking about and stuff, so we decided to check it out, and i also wanted to introduce my sister to my friends and vice versa. and its a shopping trip, so technically the only awkward person would be me. haha

But anyway, it was a great time of shopping. i got some new clothes (finally!) and they were selling books at the flea market!!!! And I spazzed cause the books the dude was selling were really good and had a really good price. I sympathetically asked him why he was selling away these books when they were so good and he told me he was running out of space in his bookshelf.

Wow. Time to track him down and kill him in his sleep man.

Ahaha Joking! *hides knife*

but he was really friendly and he said i know books well, which was one of the greatest compliments I’ve heard in a while. So yea, after some pondering i got Freakonomics and Stephen King’s Four seasons for 10 bucks total. Ive heard good stuff about both those books, so hopefully i made a good investment

Overall, it was a good shopping trip. Firdaus told my sister she’s his favorite Hoe, which means I’m like the second favorite. but its ok, I’m not jealous.. pfft whatever man.

hahaha, so yea, its been a great weekend, and I’m expecting the week ahead to be slightly rougher, but ill pray that God will pull me through!

Labour Day

So the pre labour days been pretty sweet.

Got to know my classmates better, and they bought me a dinner on my bday. They are really an awesome group of peeps. 🙂 they also made me eat an ice-cream cake with my hands, which wasn’t so pretty, but it was fun anyway!

Also, yesterday, my orientation subgroup, Demeter (named after the Goddess of the Harvest) went for an outing. initially it was planned that we be going to the Night Safari, but due to some technical issues, it was not meant to be. but its ok! we went to town anyway, and had a good amount of fun. i finally got to see the inside of Singapore’s first Abercrombie & Fitch, which wasn’t really much, but the employees are seriously good looking. Oh well, i can’t complain.

So yea, we come to Labour Day, which was a public holiday. Its elearning week anyway, so i don’t really have to go to school as much, but its nice knowing that public holidays still exist in this society. hahaha.

So anyway, i was sleeping like a rock, and my sis woke me up in the morning as i promised to go running with her. Suggested it actually. what was i thinking right. urgh i know. But yea, it took a while. cause i was really exhausted from sleep debt. But i dragged myself out of bed eventually.

We decided to go swimming. cause running is too mainstream, but mostly cause we hate running. But its not like i like swimming either… but its for the health and the muscles. So yea.

So yea we made our way to the public pool. And my oh my. I didn’t know how long a lap was. Some background history. Im a really bad swimmer. i didn’t go for classes, and I’m not sure why. I think its cause my parents said i could learn it by myself, and i did eventually, cause my alma mater conducted classes.

So yea, in this world, there are two classes of swimmers. Those who do it for fun, and those who do it to survive. Im in the grey area in between. But yea, I was really intimidated when i entered the pool. and there were a good amount of people on a public holiday so drowning was not an option. it would be embarrassing. I mean apart from the death and all but yea.

So yea, there i was, knowing i couldn’t swim for nuts, and thus concluding that if i ever become an amphibious squirrel, i’d probably starve to death.

But gradually i got the hang of it, and i swam 16 lengths today, which is the most I’ve swam in my life. My sis swam like 30 laps. But she’s a really good swimmer, so i can’t be bothered trying to fight her in that scene. But nevertheless, i was proud of myself.

Afterwards, i went for a good lunch and dessert with my parents and sis, which was a treat, cause we don’t get to hang out as much as we used to. But while we were having lunch and all my sis and i were really sleepy from the swimming, and we crashed when we got home. i woke up 3 hours later for dinner.

So yea, its been pretty much been a really relaxed labour day. Just how a good holiday should be 🙂

Till next time!