Month: August 2012

The holidays and other miscellaneous stuffs

Hey guys. So its been about 5 days into the hols… thereabout. I’ve lost count alr. hahaha. But anyway, its been great so far. in fact i started getting the blues on the first day of the hols. The lack of drive to do anything sorta consumed me a bit, but it was just a funk. now I’m back to pretending to be productive when actually not doing anything much.

So anyhoo, i wanna do a recap of the Kooks concert that i attended on the 25th of July. It was amazing! the kooks were really great. i don’t even know how Luke could maintain such a high energy and keep his voice so great throughout the concert. he was just rocking it out in his super cool tux. And when he did Β “Jackie Big Tits” on the acoustic, it really blew me away, cause the sound was really full despite it just being one guitar. However, something disappointed me, and it certainly wasn’t anyone on the stage, but rather the audience. Sigh. My dear fellow Singaporeans, i really wish you would be a bit more wild and outgoing. The people around me were actually seated down during the entire concert! Seated at a rock concert? thats like buying a shaver for the box (or any equipment that comes with a box, its really up to you to define the analogy. I just chose a shaver, cause they usually have nice designs, and fit well in the palm of your hand. I’m digressing) But really guys, sitting down? And we were pretty quiet too. It was rather tragic cause the first thing Luke said was ” Thank you Singapore, you’re so polite!” . hahaha. I really hope Luke wasn’t being sardonic, though i wouldn’t be surprised if he was. i mean, really, some people were so nonchalant, they were practically wearing top hats and monocles and clapping gently after each song, and turning to their friends commenting on the great weather.

But nevertheless, i tried not to get that to bother me much, and proceeded to stand up throughout the concert and dance like i had a temporal case of autism. The point is that at rock concerts, you have to be slightly undignified to truly enjoy yourself. i mean, isn’t that a federal law? Oh and after the kooks ” Do you wanna” they were like thank you singapore, and proceeded to go back stage. and everyone called for an encore. it was a pretty weak encore… hahaha. like i was pretty sure the kooks were half tempted not to come back our and play the final two singles they saved for the encore, but alas they did cause they are a bunch of sweeties, and i really hope they come again one day though we weren’t the best audience. soon guys, we can do better! Thanks kooks, for being a part of my youth. you guys are great πŸ™‚


Had a great time at the kooks! πŸ™‚

Alright. now I’ve gotten that cleared out, lets move on to my hols. Sigh…. I’m contemplating getting a job to make myself more useful, but anyway,i promised myself to do more reading and writing this hols, and i haven’t really gotten started much on either. at the moment I’m reading Story by Robert Mckee. its a non fiction on scriptwriting, and is a pretty staple must read amongst writers apparently. and so far, its been really great. Mr Mckee really keeps a non fiction very entertaining, and his points are clear and concise, and its still really relevant though the examples are slightly outdated. I’m really learning a lot. i really hope i can get some writing done. i just get really intimidated by a blank sheet of paper, and i can’t progress from there. pretty sure its a dilemma for many. if its not, don’t tell me please, i want to stay content in my denial. hee


A great read so far πŸ™‚

I’m really set on taking my guitar more seriously now. now that I’ve gotten barre chords more or less settled, I’m trying to move on to scales and I’m starting to pick up the electric guitar that i borrowed more often. i think the difficulty of electric guitar lies in the fluidity of playing tabs. I’m literally a spazz when it comes to picking single notes, so I’m working on it and staying positive. πŸ™‚ I’m also thinking of writing songs, but haven’t really settled on how I’m going to set about doing it. hmm. i’ll work something out. in the meantime, ill just have to focus on getting my holidays in order. i always tell myself that i learn the most about life during my recreational time, but currently, it hasn’t been the case, and its disappointing my hypothesis a little, so I’ve got to get myself sorted out.

new addition to my board game family.

ooh. also, i just got myself a WoW board game called World of Warcraft: the adventure game. its pretty complicated, and I’m not a WoW gamer, but it was at a flea, and i think i got it at a pretty decent price, so i really couldn’t help but satisfy myself and buy it! I haven’t really gotten to play it, but hopefully ill do a review on it when I’m done. Till next time then πŸ™‚