Month: July 2014

As You Grow Up

As you grow up
you’ll learn parlor tricks
don’t work as well as they used to.

That close up magic
also closes up the ladies

That your boyish charm
only works on the aunties

That your once-polished boots
Start to lose their shine.

As you grow up
you’ll learn second chances
come by lesser than they used to.

That deadlines and cutoffs
Should be taken quite literally

That relationships hold pricetags
and hidden expiry dates

That when Time gets grumpy
It starts nipping at your heels.

As you grow up
you’ll learn being cynical
doesn’t sound as bad as it used to.

That vices and virtues
are spelt similar to be mistaken

That you’ll bottle up the fairies
who tell you you’re special

That you should hand them the drills
when you know you’re screwed

As you grow up
you’ll learn staying put
doesn’t solve all problems

That happiness is a granola bar
you keep in your back pocket

That some days you run out
of duct tape and band aids

That life still shifts
like the phases of the moon.