Month: August 2014


We are our choices.

– Jean Paul Satre


The shuddering storm
of fractals intolerance

The sky turns an Albuquerque orange;
the shade of the gut. Of a
quick draw gun fight

A spiral staircase
flanked by closed doors

I get lost some days.
That’s alright.

But some nights I


at the creeping purple

of crumbled



God, the Poet

I’ve decided that God exists.

If you asked me why, I would tell you that if I fell back to my Judeo-Christian roots, God created people in his image. In that case I would think He exists because there are poets in the world. And that means God is a poet.

This proposal is entirely based on my opinion that it is symptomatic of a poet to be content with being revered, without being fully understood.

Then you would ask me if I assume God to be relative, since I’ve based my argument based on an opinion. And to that I would then reply, “Of course God is relative!”

God’s the Father!